Two days to go!

“Cottongrass” featuring Maria MacDonell, Harriet Grindley and Kai Dudley presented as part of the 2021 Scottish International Storytelling Festival (© photographer – Andy Catlin

Look over there, says Elk.

Finally our performance at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival is hoving into view..Maria and I had a right old giggly run-through this afternoon, in my livingroom this time. Hopefully some of the fun will come through even if we get muddled with the pictures and the bounding on through the forests.. The story becomes ever more mysterious each time, perhaps that’s what keeps traditional tales so interesting!

What’s cooking in Leith?

Cottongrass – the product of the Andy Hunter Bursary and now the commission from the Scottish Storytelling Festival is finally brewing up a storm in Maria’s Leith Kitchen – our tale of a princess wandering off with Elk with its enigmatic ending is becoming clearer all the time – and more mysterious! We bring ritual, blessings, nature and dreaming into the pot and soon our circle will complete itself, ready or not, at the Festival on 28th October – its getting very close now!