First tellings at the Puppet Festival

‘Animating’ the djinns at The Village Storytelling Centre as our little show reaches its climax! We’ve done three performances so far, and our skills in getting the trolleys on and off buses are growing exponentially. Its been fascinating how different audiences bring such different atmospheres to the tellings, and so far Dagba has stood up well to audiences from 10 to 3 year olds – Faced with a roomful of toddlers for our 5 plus show Maria and I decided not to compromise and see what unfolded: storytelling itself is such a primal thing it seems to touch the heart whether or not the language is at ‘the right level’ – and luckily we seemed to get away with it!!

Dagba’s DayTrip to Glasgow

All the way from Edinburgh’s Tollcross to Glasgow’s Pollock with two trolleys by public transport to entertain the Easter Club at the Village Storytelling Centre : our first trip with the larger Kamishibai and Dagba’s Forest Tales. What an adventure. Obviously our first brush with stairs! and rain!

Ahoy the Unicorn

We have discovered a fabulous new venue for testing our new Kamishibai storytelling:  the Captain’s Cabin in the stunning wooden warship Unicorn docked along from the Discovery and the new V&A in Dundee.   Maria and I and the Kamishibai spent a Saturday there last Christmas opening a treasure chest glittering with sea stories.  Santa Claus did get to row aboard in one of them, but, in the main, lighthouses, sieves, seals and fish featured heavily, for a change at that time of the year!  We learnt a lot about the boat as well, which is definitely food for another whole show.  A 200 year old boat has gathered a lot of stories – we will be back to tell them as soon as we can without a doubt!

A few words from our hosts:‘As my first encounter with Kamishibai storytelling, I cannot wait for continuing our collaboration between HMS Unicorn and We Three Stories. I loved the energy and enthusiasm that Maria and Harriet bring to the event. The captivating storytelling and enacting leads to an active participation from the audience. We are looking forward to having you on board soon!’Thank you so much for your hospitality, Billy Rough, Andrea and Lucy!